You can’t look at it without tears: 15 most unfortunate interiors. It’s not even worth spending money on such repairs!


I want to live in beauty, comfort and coziness. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine your life without repair. At the very least, walls, floors and ceilings should be refreshed every 5-10 years. But there are times when it would be better if the owners left everything as it is and did not spend money on what they did.

Neither money nor advice can bring out bad taste. Of course, everyone has different preferences, but common sense must be present in all cases. We have prepared for you a selection of  unfortunate interiors that you just need to remember and never repeat.

Bad repair

1. Everything should look harmonious in the interior. Everyone wants to live surrounded by luxury, but if the funds for this are not enough yet, then you should not create a miserable likeness. The walls would be plain, and bed linen without an abundance of ruffles – the room would have a richer look.

2. When you want to feel like a sultan … But it looks more like the fact that there was not enough tiles and had to get out.

3. It has long been proven that variegated colors harm the human psyche. So this is rather not a Barbie room, but everyday torture. In addition, it is  simply unrealistic to choose furniture and decor for such a  color of the walls .

4. And again a hint of luxury. But the plastic in the form of gold does not look very rich.

5. Dedicated to lovers of flora and fauna. Why not choose calm shades and one direction in the design of rooms?

6. It can be seen that people spent money on repairs, and even hired a designer. To tear off such a specialist’s hands! It’s the same every time you sit and worry so that nothing falls on your head.

7. You can save on yourself, but you need to approach the design of the nursery with special trepidation. It’s just an explosion for the psyche, not a room.

8. It is advisable to dilute the prints with plain wallpaper, and not make your eyes go blind.

9. You go into the room and think: mold. But no, this is such a design move.

10. When efforts to match everything went to waste.

11. Ecoshik is very relevant lately. But the question is: is it worth it to spend energy, money and time?

12. The case when instead of a cozy apartment you get a nightclub.

13. Juicy cuisine. But not with such an interior.

14. Everyone considers the carpets on the walls a relic of the 90s. But believe me, now they can be found quite often. And under the carpet you will find dust, mold and various insects.

15. And what attracts everyone in the red walls? This is eternal stress.


Remember: the more different patterns and shades in the interior, the higher the chance of ruining it. Everything should look harmonious. If you really like a sofa or wardrobe, but it looks ridiculous in the overall picture, you shouldn’t buy it.

Make your home beautiful and cozy! And do not forget to share our selection with your friends, let them laugh too and remember these mistakes.