Ways to cause longing for yourself. Female witchcraft


Ways to cause longing for yourself. Female witchcraft. Secrets of the femme fatale. Sometimes it seems that some girls have the ability to manipulate people from birth. They easily twist the opposite sex, forcing you to constantly think about yourself, bored, insist on the meeting, etc.

And when parting with such temptresses, men fall into depression, yearn, and try to get their relationship back in every way. And all the girlfriends look with envy at these fatal women, although they use not at all complicated techniques in communicating with partners. Content

How to make a guy yearn and love. Secrets of the femme fatale

The secret of femme fatale is simple: they love themselves more than men. They always put their interests first. Calmly, but intelligibly, they explain what is acceptable in a relationship and what is not.

And adhere to their own line of conduct. Seeing such firmness, men give up. They sense in a woman not easy prey, but a dexterous independent “beast”, a cat that walks by itself.

They are trying with all their might to keep the freedom-loving lady next to them.

And now she approaches, then leaves again, playing with the orchestra as with a mouse. This brings a man, accustomed to quick victories, almost into a trance state. He tries to find out the secret of the attractiveness of a seemingly ordinary woman, thinks about her more and more often, falling in love more and more.

And now he can no longer live a day without his lady of the heart. She has complete power over him. In the event of parting with such a woman, a man will simply experience universal melancholy.

He will call, write, get bored, conduct a mental dialogue, try to understand his mistake and choose a new style of behavior.

How to make your loved one go crazy, miss you, call. Female witchcraft

Sometimes a girl needs to cause longing for herself as a preventive measure.

In the event that a man calmed down, stopped showing attention, spends more time with friends than with his beloved, you need to radically change the line of behavior.

Stop insisting on meetings, acting independently, minding your own business. Communicate with a man smoothly and calmly, without showing any particular interest in the development of relationships. The man will be surprised at such a drastic change, he will begin to find out what happened.

It is not necessary to reveal all the cards, it is better to divert the conversation to abstract topics. Communication is worth cutting back. Answer calls every other time, refuse meetings, citing busyness.

Pretend that there is no time to even write an SMS. Accustomed to constant attention, the partner will begin to yearn and will do everything to return a good attitude and revive crazy passion. However, it is worth remembering that playing on the feelings of a partner can be dangerous.

If love is not strong enough, the man will simply turn around and leave. Therefore, before deciding to drive your partner crazy, mentally consider all the positive and negative consequences of this action. Leave your comments what you think about this.