Some tips to prepare well for a long trip


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That’s it, you’ve finally decided to go on this famous long trip that has always tickled your mind. It is about this great adventure of a few months during which you will cross several countries and leave behind you, this usual “grind”. So, to put aside this euphoria of travel, you might as well focus on the essential: preparation! A long journey must indeed be well prepared. Have you been told that it is not easy to develop a long stay? Don’t panic, this guide will give you some tips. 

Take stock of the administrative procedures

You have to prepare well mentally because arranging the administrative side is never pleasant. However, if you plan a little early, you could leave with a light heart and enjoy your trip with peace of mind. First and foremost, you must make sure that your papers are in order and valid for the duration of your trip. Thus, you need an up-to-date passport. Also find out about visas and the conditions for obtaining this document in each country you are going to visit. This will avoid many problems once in the territory. 

About 6 months before the big departure, it is also essential to study the different prices: plane tickets, trips on site, hotels … If you are thinking of renting a car and driving during your trip, you might as well obtain an international license from from your prefecture. It’s free and accessible fairly quickly (a few days are enough). Whether you are going on a trip to Italy or another destination, also take the time to check the validity of this permit. It should never be done at the last minute.

The banking side also deserves a point of attention. Before leaving, it is recommended to notify your bank so that you will not end up with a blocked credit card on your arrival. As a long trip also requires a fairly substantial budget, it is best to discuss this with your account manager. 

When it comes to health, plan to have good travel insurance. It is a way to prevent in case of accident or the need for care once abroad. It would then be ideal to do a little basic care check-up before your departure to get off on the right foot: dentist, opthalmo, vaccine … Also take advantage of your visit to your attending physician to have your usual medications prescribed for the duration of your stay. your journey.

It is essential to plot a travel itinerary

Admittedly, it is really interesting to go to an unknown land and to manage once in place but in order not to waste time, nothing beats a well-marked route. For trips from one country to another, you have to book your tickets in advance, but here it is mainly the activities to do. If during the first step, you can focus on your inspirations, it is always advisable to place points of interest on a map and see how to optimize your visits.