RIB STITCH “Side pain”


What is a side stitch?

A side stitch is manifested by a shooting pain appearing on the side of the body. now is actually some extent muscle cramp.

It appears during a workout, most frequently during a one that isn’t athletic, or who has not practiced sport for an extended time. However, sportspeople can even as well as experience side stitches.

What is it from?

The exact causes of the side stitch aren’t yet known.

The main assumptions are as follows:

  • A muscle cramp within the diaphragm (a muscle located below the rib cage) thanks to a scarcity of oxygenation during physical exercise;
  • A significant influx of blood to the spleen and liver during exercise;
  • Irritation of the pleura (a thin, smooth, translucent membrane that secretes a liquid and is found around the lungs) during physical exertion;
  • Dysfunction of the alimentary canal always during an effort;

Where is it located?

During workout , the side point are often located in several places:

  • On the side ;
  • At the extent of the clavicle;
  • At the extent of the stomach;
  • In the intestine (below the stomach).

How to avoid it?

In order to avoid having a side stitch, it’s recommended to follow certain tips:

  • Before making an effort:
    • Respect the three-hour delay between a meal and exercise;
    • Train before making an excellent effort;
    • Warm-up by reversing the breath: inhale while drawing within the belly and exhale while inflating the belly.
  • During physical effort:
    • Start slowly;
    • Drink water regularly;
    • Control your breathing by inhaling and exhaling regularly.

This will prevent not only side stitches but also cramps, shortness of breath …

How to catch on through?

  • Just hamper or stop;
  • It is enough to breathe more slowly while inflating the thorax, and by relaxing the lower abdomen the maximum amount as possible. during this way, the side stitch passes after two or three minutes.
  • Another much faster technique:
    • Lean forward, blowing all the air from his lungs;
    • Or it’s necessary to continue the painful place, to blow while leaning towards the side of the world concerned;
    • Another psychosomatic technique, utilized in several schools by sports teachers: from the beginning of the race, place a stone in one among the children’s hands. The mere thought that the pebble is avoiding the side stitch effectively avoids it.