MUSCLE TEAR “Breaking”


What’s this ?

It corresponds to the more or less important tearing of muscle fibers followed by hemorrhage at the site of the lesion. It is a very common accident among athletes.

What are the causes ?

  • Too violent and too rapid a contracture;
  • A shock on a contracted muscle.

What are the contributing factors?

  • Bad or even no heating;
  • Excessive training;
  • Irregular training;
  • Taking anabolics or corticosteroids;
  • Insufficient hydration;
  • Poor hygienic-dietetic condition.

Which muscles are most affected?

  • The calf muscles;
  • The thigh muscles.

What are the clinical signs of a muscle tear in the calves?

A muscle tear never goes unnoticed. It manifests itself by:

  • Immediate, localized, violent pain (feeling of stabbing);
  • A fall (possible but infrequent);
  • An immediate stop of the current activity;
  • Painful support;
  • A painful, if not impossible, walk.

What you should not do 

  • The pursuit of activity at all costs;
  • The massage.

What to do urgently in case of a muscle tear

  • Stop sports activity;
  • See a doctor urgently for better care.

How to avoid a muscle tear?

  • A healthy lifestyle;
  • A balanced diet ;
  • Appropriate hydration (1.5 liters on average per day, this quantity increases according to the intensity of physical activity, hydrate before, during, and after sporting activity);
  • A serious warm-up;
  • Progressive training.

Avoid taking hot baths immediately after any  physical activity