If you have the first blood group, you should know these 5 things about yourself


If you have the first blood type, you should know these 5 things about yourself. Many do not know. Wow, I will know Although all people belong to the same biological species, we are not at all the same: we each have our own unique characteristics.

Among them are skin color, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, and blood type. According to the generally accepted classification, there are 4 blood types.

The first is the most widespread around the world – about 45% of the population owns it.

Blood of the second group is the most common among Europeans, and 35% of the world population owns it. The third group occurs in 13% of people, and the  fourth  – in 7%

If you belong to the first, most common group, here’s what you should know:

1. People with this blood group rarely get sick.

Although they, like all people, can get sick, carriers of the first group get sick infrequently and recover quickly. Diseases usually pass without complications and serious consequences.

2. They are very active.

Since they produce more hormones than everyone else, carriers of the first group are the most active.

Therefore, they should not get carried away with coffee, alcohol and energy drinks.

3. They can only be given blood of the same group.

Holders of the first blood group can only be transfused with the first group.

But they can donate blood for people of the second, third and fourth groups.

4. People with this blood group are natural born leaders.

Perhaps this does not apply to all carriers of the first blood group, but the vast majority of them demonstrate strong leadership qualities.

They are purposeful and inclined to help others.

While this personality type appears to be quite simple, it can be quite complex due to the excess of hormones.

5. They are more impulsive than everyone else.

Sometimes these people do something without thinking about the consequences.

Therefore, they often have to make mistakes, from which they learn useful lessons. Do you know people with the first group?