How to pack your suitcase well and save space?


Marie Kondo did not just transform our wardrobes, she also modified the famous ritual of the suitcase with her method. Gone are the days of storing your pants in a ball in your hiking backpack. To save space and take all your little stuff with you, you must now respect a few rules. Here are some tips and tricks to learn how to organize your suitcase and save space to bring back as many holiday memories as possible.

Prepare a list 

The trick may seem old-fashioned, yet visualizing your needs will help you be really efficient in front of your closet. By anticipating your needs and imagining a typical day: how many t-shirts, which pairs of shoes, a raincoat or an umbrella, you will give in to less panic when two hours before leaving for the airport you start preparing . If you are the type to load yourself unnecessarily, making a list beforehand is also a good way to take only what is necessary! 

Roll your clothes

And yes, the experts are unanimous: you will gain more space if you roll up your shirt than if you fold it. This will also prevent unsightly creases from the folding. So how do you roll your garment properly? You must first unwrap your t-shirt or blouse, fold it in half and roll it up leaving as little air as possible. A bit like a sleeping bag! When you insert your rolls into your luggage, remember to tighten them so that they do not unwind as you go. 

You can also stack your clothes, i.e. layer pants, t-shirt and underwear on top of each other. 

Use a pouch to store your chargers, wires, headphones etc.

Rather than stowing your smartphone charger in a corner of your suitcase, put everything (headphones, chargers, adapters, etc.) in one and the same pocket. No need to buy one for the occasion, a resealable plastic bag will do perfectly (of those you find in the supermarket). By choosing it transparent, you will have the advantage of knowing its container without having to open it, which can be practical during the trip. And of course this trick is not limited to high tech, the trick is valid for jewelry, makeup and beauty products.

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Optimize the space of your shoes

Since they take up space, you might as well use them! For example, you can roll up your socks and underwear and insert them inside your shoes. If you’re worried about smells, just put them in a canvas bag before. You can also take advantage of this space to insert small objects likely to get lost such as a necklace or a pack of handkerchiefs. 

Another little tip: put heavier objects like shoes on the wheel side of the suitcase. It will be more manageable during your journey. 


Some travelers swear by the “packing cubes” of storage covers that allow you to create compartments by theme: underwear, pants, shirts … and which can even be water resistant in case you fall from your canoe during your road trip . Inside the packing cube, same pattern: you stack your clothes or roll them up. 

Another possibility, you get compression bags! By sucking in the air, you will save more than 80% of space. A rather substantial gain in weight, space and volume.