How to keep your tan?


The holidays in the sun are over. You came home with a tanned complexion. How to keep it and not become completely white again in ten days?

A punchy diet

To have beautiful skin, it is important to take good care of it from the inside through a good diet. If you took advantage of the holidays to eat seasonal produce, vegetables and fruits, grilled meats and fish … that’s fine, but try to keep going. Also bet on vitamin foods such as raw vegetables, seafood, salads … And adopt foods rich in beta-carotene, supposed to improve tanning. You will find it in tomatoes, melon, spinach, apricots, and of course carrots, which, in addition, make you lovable. You will understand, the idea is to keep the good habits of a balanced meal.

Care and scrubs

An anti-drought plan launched! The watchword is to hydrate yourself. Even if it is cooler, continue to drink plenty of water. Alcohol tends to make acne worse, dry out the skin, and speed up the appearance of wrinkles. Then, do not hesitate to use a moisturizer on the body and face. It will help your skin to regenerate and keep your tan. Some products even contain self-tanning agents. To accentuate the beneficial effects of this skin hydration, you can perform a light exfoliation on the face and body beforehand. It will rid your skin of dead cells and bring out your tan. And no, the scrub does not remove the tan, on the contrary, it beautifies it.

Why it is better to avoid UV

To prolong the tan, we would be tempted to do a few UV sessions, just for maintenance … But this is not necessarily a great idea! Your skin has been bombarded with relatively harmful rays during the summer, especially if you’ve been light on sun protection. Unfortunately, UV cabins reproduce the same rays and therefore cause the same harmful effects as excessive sun exposure. 

You will have understood it: to keep your good glow, it is enough to adopt a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables, and to retain some hygiene gestures which will preserve your skin.