Do you have a hormonal imbalance? 15 questions to help determine.


Do you have a hormonal imbalance? 15 questions to help determine, worth knowing! Extremely important information for your health! Here are 15 questions to help determine if you have a hormonal imbalance

Hormones are amazing “creatures” that live in our body. The whole body dances to their tune. It is they who, being thrown into the blood, can make a fragile young mother raise a wall, a car, stop a huge stone in order to save a child who has fallen under her. They are responsible for many changes in our body.

The body’s hormones can be compared to seven gnomes: there are also seven of them and they miraculously depend on each other. The next test will show you clearly how to diagnose hormonal and metabolic disruption yourself.

Check the box if you have noticed the following manifestations and / or symptoms in the past six months:

1. You are upset by your reflection in the mirror.

2. You put off some joys in life until you lose weight (for example, going to the beach).

3. You regularly eat certain foods. Or you constantly strive to feast on your favorite food, even if you are not hungry. You snack often. And the feeling of hunger comes already in the first 3 hours after eating.

4. Your weight is subject to fluctuations.

5. You are on a never-ending quest for a magic diet. Restrict yourself from time to time in food, but you can hold out for a very short period.

6. After eating, you feel lethargic, tired, or sleepy.

7. Hide food or eat on the sly. Have a secret store of chocolate or sweets in a table or cabinet.

8. Step on the scale daily. And what you saw there determines the mood for the whole day.

9. Often you overeat or eat more than you wanted. An avalanche-like consumption of food happens: they took a bite, and the whole pack disappeared.

10. Feel guilty about eating too much (amount) or “wrong” food (quality). Eat until you feel unnaturally overcrowded.

11. Overeat and then take a laxative, induce vomiting, or exercise to exhaustion to compensate for the excess food intake.

12. You have health problems due to overeating, or have been officially diagnosed with prediabetes, diabetes, atherosclerosis, and have a lipid profile disorder or metabolic syndrome (central obesity). Your doctor has recommended that you lose weight for your own health.

13. You notice that you need to eat more of it each time you enjoy your favorite food (for example, chocolate, wine, or chips).

14. Constantly think about your weight or food.

15. Continue to eat foods that have negative health effects: weight gain, bloating and / or abdominal pain, poor sleep, gas, and other signs of your body not agreeing to your favorite food.

If you count five or more signs, then you are being held hostage by unhealthy food, stress and vicious eating habits. You should pay the utmost attention to correcting hormonal and metabolic disruption. If you counted four or fewer symptoms / signs, then it is quite possible that your hormonal status does not threaten your health. These were  15 questions to help determine if you have a hormonal imbalance, share these tips with your friends.