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All about red dots on the body: causes, varieties, and nuances of treatment

Few of us take this discovery seriously when we discover red spots on our own bodies. And they do it for nothing! Such formations can indicate the presence of diseases that require urgent intervention.

Causes of red dots

The causes of this unpleasant phenomenon can include a variety of factors. Both external and internal. For example:

  • Red dots on the body can be a consequence of trauma to the skin during shaving, epilation, etc;
  • They can also be caused by a deficiency of vitamins “C” and “K”. Their deficiency leads to capillary and vascular fragility. Any mechanical injuries, even the most minor, will lead to the formation of red dots.

Causes also include:

  • Diseases of the pancreas;
  • Rheumatic diseases.

Varieties of red dots on the body

First of all, it is worth noting that formations can vary in diameter. Their types are:

  • Capillary hemangioma. Such a mass indicates an enlargement of the capillaries located in the area of the person’s face and body;
  • Cavernous hemangioma. Such a formation is characterized by the appearance of several large cavities that are filled with blood. If the hemangioma is convex, it is called a branching hemangioma.

The nuances of treatment

So, red dots on the body are found. You, as a decent and appreciative person, went to the doctor and found out the cause of the formations. Next:

  • If the cause lies in diseases of the digestive organs, it is necessary to undergo a full examination and get the recommendations of a gastroenterologist. Most likely the treatment measures will be a diet, analgesics and enzyme suppressants;
  • If the cause lies in rheumatism, then, after a thorough examination, you will be prescribed various anti-inflammatory drugs, anesthetic drugs, etc.

To get rid of the defect, you will definitely have to see a doctor. Folk methods of exposure to this kind of formations have not shown the expected effectiveness, so the only true way out is to go to a specialist. Be healthy and don’t shy away from visiting hospitals when you really need it!

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