A 2-ingredient Botox mask to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells!


A 2-ingredient Botox mask to eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenate skin cells! An extraordinary 2-ingredient Botox mask to eliminate wrinkles, age spots, and rejuvenate skin cells! You should try this mask! Suitable for all ages and skin types!

The mask has a botox effect and it’s incredibly great! The recipe is very simple, and you only need two simple ingredients. The mask is very easy to prepare and very easy to apply!

It became my favorite mask after the first application. The main ingredient in the mask is egg white!

Protein has antibacterial properties. It contains 8 B vitamins and vitamin E, as well as 15 important minerals that are essential for the beauty of the skin. 

Masks with egg white have a regenerating effect: they smooth out fine wrinkles, accelerate the process of skin cell regeneration, and brighten the skin.

Egg white is great for skin of all ages, it helps to keep skin youthful and eliminate signs of aging.

Also, egg white has cleansing, toning, drying properties, and helps to get rid of blackheads.


  • 1 egg white
  • 2 teaspoons corn or potato starch

Mix the starch with the egg white.  Apply the mask to clean, dry skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. You can apply the mask with a brush or cotton pad.

Once the mask is dry, apply a second layer of the mask and then a third. After that, wash off the mask with cool water without stretching the skin.

It is recommended to apply this mask every night before going to bed for 20-25 days, and then do it every other day for 10 days, after which you can apply the mask once a week. 

The presence of natural collagen in the mask makes it very effective! The results will exceed all your expectations!

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