7 Exercises That Will Transform Your Whole Body in Just 4 Weeks


Searching for the best exercises to lose weight and change your body?

There are so many exercises out there billed for weight loss, to shrink this body part or build that muscle.

But when you’re looking to transform your entire body and improve your cardiovascular health, where do you start?

While there is no one best exercise to lose weight, there are effective exercises using compound movement for weight loss.

As you know, losing weight is more than just a smaller number on the scale. You want to keep the muscle that you’ve earned while burning fat. Logically.

Meet the body composition exercise. This is the ideal exercise to reach your weight loss goal.

Pair with a fast pace and good form and you’ll be well on your way to build bone density (fight osteoporosis!), burn belly fat, and increase your lean muscle mass. 

Your body composition is your body’s ratio of fat to lean muscle.

Note: this includes all of your muscles, bones, and organs (1).

This equation gives you a body fat percentage. For a woman, a “fit” percentage is between 21 and 24. For a man, it’s between 14 and 17%.

Naturally, this means, if you want to change your body’s shape or rid yourself of weight gain, you need to decrease your percentage of body fat.

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