5 Movies set in Barcelona


5 Movies set in Barcelona

It is quite natural that one of the most photogenic cities in the world and one of the most visited in Europe has become a real paradise for film makers. Therefore, if Barcelona is the geographical love of your life; or if you have never been there before, but the offline maps have already been downloaded, the list of must-see places has been compiled and you just have to wait until the borders open – this is a modest selection of films for you.

Best Movies set in barcelona

“Vicky Cristina Barcelona”

  • Movie Name: Vicky Cristina Barcelona
  • 2008 ‧ Romance/Drame ‧ 1h 37m
  • Director: Woody Allen 

Woody Allen’s ironic love triangle drama. The quiet journey of two friends (Rebecca Hall and Scarlett Johansson) turns their acquaintance with the Spanish artist of free views on relationships (Javier Bardem) upside down, and his ex-wife (Penelope Cruz) becomes the cherry on this cake of passions.

The film is set in summer Barcelona, ​​where in the sultry, hot air, everything around is simply saturated with temptation. The city instantly makes it clear to each hero that he or she (does not) want. And to know what you definitely don’t want is already, you see, half the battle. 

Park Guel, Temple of the Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila, Tibidabo with the famous amusement park and (as a bonus) the town of Oviedo with the statue of Christ striking to the depths of the soul – the great scenery only emphasizes the eternal imperfection of the human soul. 

“All About My Mother”

  • Movie Name: Todo sobre mi madre
  • 1999 ‧ Drame/Comédie dramatique ‧ 1h 45m
  • Director: Pedro Almodovar 

It would be impossible to imagine a selection of films about Barcelona without the name of Pedro Almodovar. The drama “All About My Mother” is a film about choice (I just want to say “existential”, but let’s leave this definition in mind), about life and death, about forgiveness and return. Almost all the roles in the film are played by women who are completely different in character, but so similar in one thing – the ability to compassion.  

Equally curious is the fact that in this film the Spanish director shows a completely different Barcelona. Far from the postcard that tourists are used to seeing, but rather marginal, dangerous, hidden in the darkness of the night on both sides of the dusty roadsides of unsightly sleeping quarters. And even the Sagrada Familia, which is the main character in the late evening through the side window of a taxi, does not delight, but rather frightens. The distant ghost memories of the city where you were once impermissibly young and happy and where the circumstances of your life make you return one day to look these very ghosts in the eyes are just so frightening. 

“Summer Night in Barcelona”

  • Movie Name: Barcelona, ​​nit d’estiu
  • 2013 ‧ Drame/Romance ‧ 1h 36m
  • Director: Dani de la Orden 

An extremely lyrical comedy dedicated to the most important and endless theme in art – yes, to herself. Love. On one beautiful summer night in the capital of Catalonia (and by the way, are there any other summer nights in this city?), Six touching stories between lovers unfold in different areas at the same time. Former, present and future lovers, whose feelings are so full of irony, inexperience, honesty, naivety, and sometimes sarcasm and drama. According to the plot, it is on this night, according to the prediction of the Mayan tribe, that a huge comet will approach the planet, which will entail the end of the world.

Barcelona in the picture is woven from the narrow streets of the Old Town, cozy cafes and parks. She shines for her beloved with a thousand night lights, a lonely rock among which the Sagrada Familia darkens. But the main magic of the city emerges during dawn, on the Mediterranean coast, when a comet finally rushes in the sky.

“Three Steps Above Heaven”

  • Movie Name: Tres metros sobre el cielo
  • 2010 ‧ Romance/Drame ‧ 2h 3m
  • Director: Fernando Gonzalez Molina 

We decided not to argue about tastes and to talk impartially about the main films where you can see the architectural excellence of Barcelona. Therefore, our selection closes with a supervania melodrama about the first teenage love of a girl from an exemplary family and a street bully.

Between street night races, a first date and persistent kisses, no, no, yes, and you can consider the incredible beauty of the Citadel Park with the monumental Cascade fountain, the ancient architecture of the Gracia district and even the city’s main post office. And if all roads lead to Rome, then all love stories begin here in Barcelona.

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“Life can not be boring!”

  • Movie Name: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
  • 2011 ‧ Aventure/Romance ‧ 2h 35m
  • Director: Zoya Akhtar 

How about Barcelona through the eyes of the Indians? Three friends – a financial broker, an advertiser and without five minutes a happy groom – go to a kind of bachelor party in a distant European country in order to have a maximum break. 

For everyone on this journey, their own trials are prepared, after passing which life will certainly not be the same, it will not be boring, and above, perhaps, they will even whistle a little with envy. Barcelona in the tape (as, in fact, the whole of Spain) is more than ideal. A lot of sun, sea, freedom and irrepressible joy of being. In short, the one we love.