5 beauty treatments with lemon that will make your skin, nails, and hair much more beautiful


5 lemon beauty treatments that will make your skin, nails, and hair look so much prettier.  These lemon beauty treatments will surely improve our appearance.

The benefits of lemon for our health are great: it improves digestion, is a diuretic, stimulates the immune system, regulates pH, cleanses the skin, and improves mood. 

But everyone (or almost everyone) already knows about it. The novelty lies in the fact that it is also a powerful ally of the beauty of men and women. Using lemon on hair, nails, or skin can do wonders for you.

The fruit is rich in vitamin C, which is an essential and irreplaceable antioxidant and an excellent source of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic nutrients. Here are 5 lemon beauty treatments: 

Strengthens nails

Thanks to citric acid and the vitamin it contains, lemon serves as a whitening agent for nails.

In other words, it has anti-yellowing properties that combat over-yellowing and make nails look brighter and lighter.

How to do it

Apply lemon juice mixed with garlic and olive oil to your nails regularly.

Massage for 10-15 minutes and then wash off with water.

Lightens dark spots on the skin

In this way, dead skin cells are removed, causing slow but progressive cell renewal. 

How to do it

Mix lemon juice with a glass of milk, dip a piece of cotton in the mixture and use it to massage your skin in circular motions to exfoliate.

This remedy can be used on the face, arms or armpits.  

Eliminates acne and cleanses the skin 

Again, vitamin C plays an important role in eliminating acne breakouts and helps kill bacteria that causes acne.

The acid in lemon removes toxins and regulates the production of sebum, the excess of which makes the skin oily and contributes to acne. 

How to do it

Apply lemon juice to your skin and massage gently. Leave for ten minutes and then rinse well. Remember to moisturize your skin after each use.

Heals dry lips

As we saw above, lemon has exfoliating properties and is also perfect for lips.

Exfoliation removes dead skin and leaves lips smoother. 

How to do it

After brushing your teeth, apply some lemon juice to your lips before bed. 

Restores shine to hair 

Lemon significantly reduces the amount of limescale and other harmful substances in the water, while citric acid restores shine to the hair.

How to do it

In the bath, add a little lemon juice to the water during the last rinse.

But be careful  : do not have this operation more than once a week.

Pay attention to these four points:

1.Do not expose yourself to the sun after applying lemon to your skin, as it is a photosensitizer and can stain or cause burns.

3.Do not overuse lemon juice on your hair , as this can damage the strands.

4. Before applying any of these tips, make sure your health is stable and see your doctor.

Important: All information provided on the website is for INFORMATION only and does not replace consultation, diagnosis or professional medical attention. If you have any health problems, contact your specialist immediately.