25 photos of a truly scary Halloween: what houses and lots of holiday fans look like


Halloween isn’t just about costumes, make-up, and pumpkins. The most dedicated fans of the holiday always decorate the home and with it the adjacent territory. Someone is limited to fake blood on the doorstep and stuffed animals in the yard, while someone approaches the matter on a grand scale, surprising all their neighbors. Here are 25 striking examples.

1. Mother of Dragons Garage ?

Halloween Dragon on the Lot

2. Somewhere in Mexico.

Halloween in Mexico

3. Budget design for Halloween.

Halloween: It

4. Slightly more expensive.

Halloween: It

5. The stairs are missing the tongue-shaped red carpet.

porch for halloween

6. Another inexpensive option for a local area.

round dance

7. But it’s better not to deal with this at night.

scary halloween

8. Well, here nature itself helped.

fallen tree

8. Classics.

witch in the tree

9. And this is how the real scope looks.

Halloween on a grand scale

10. Cool butler.

butler pumpkin

11. Perhaps it is better to knock on the window.

guillotine house

12. For maximum effect, you need to stand on the threshold and look up.

spider web on the house

13. A note of positive on the street of spiders and monsters.


14. Halloween version of the Beatles album cover Abbey Road.

The Beatles Halloween Album

15. Mister Stark , something is not good for me …

Halloween in Avengers style

16. A few minutes before.

Halloween in Avengers style

17. There is even steam!

house dragon

18. Why not the Middle Ages ?

medieval scenery

19. Very strange things are happening on this street.

very strange things on the street

20. An inexpensive option for those with roller shutters.

budget halloween

21. What a holiday, so are the pets .

spiders on site

22. More spiders.

spiders on the house

23. More spiders.

spider web on the house

24. Steam locomotive made of plastic bottles. Why not.

steam locomotive from bottles

25. Riders are always in fashion, especially on Halloween.

halloween rider

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