12 life lessons you need to know to successfully complete


12 life lessons you need to know to successfully complete

Life Lesson Number One: Growth can be painful and the journey difficult and exhausting. 

Anything that is comfortable does not contribute to the growth and development of our personality. This applies to almost any area of ​​life where growth occurs, much like muscle building – it takes hard, grueling training to grow. Development is never easy, if we want to become better than now, we need to go through certain obstacles, overcome obstacles. You should also be aware that this path does not do without falls, “bruises” and “bruises”. But continuing to get up, without taking our eyes off the target, and moving forward, we come to the desired result.

Second life lesson: Change brings emotions, and emotions interfere with logical thinking. 

Any forthcoming change makes us feel fear and denial, and how often they occur and how quickly we accept these changes will affect our level of success. Emotions like fear and denial prevent us from looking at the situation logically, and therefore, making informed decisions and striving for change becomes difficult. By learning to control your emotions, you will more easily cope with the ordeals that life gives you for your development.

Third lesson in life. Know where you want to go and plan your journey to your goal.

If you want to achieve something and want to get it done as quickly as possible, set goals for yourself. Big, small, it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that you have them. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting lost in the “wilds” of life, without reaching your goals. Dreams are not exactly goals, dreams can remain dreams for a long time, without noticeable progress, they are too vague and vague, while goals have a clear and precise character. It is equally important to make a plan to achieve your goals. Big goals should be divided into several small ones, prioritized, set deadlines for achieving each step.

Life Lesson Four: There is nothing that interferes with your success, except yourself.

Indeed, neither people nor circumstances can become a real obstacle to your success if you do not allow them, except in rare cases when circumstances develop against your will. You and only you are responsible for what happens or does not happen in your life. And you yourself create imaginary obstacles in front of you that seem to prevent you from achieving your goals. Get rid of your phobias, tune in to success, and act in spite of your resistance, then you will succeed.

Life Lesson Five: There is only one way to learn, and the name of this way is action. 

What do books give you? Knowledge, but not experience and not wisdom. Knowledge is insignificant without its application. You may know everything about success, but until you start putting your knowledge into practice, success will not come close to you. This is true for almost any field of activity, they can explain how to drive a car thousands of times in words, but until you have real driving skills, you will have little idea of ​​what it means to drive a car.

Life Lesson Six: The simplest things in life are the most amazing. 

There are so many things in life that we simply do not notice, considering them to be something ordinary and ordinary. Then how exactly simple and ordinary things can bring the most vivid emotions and feelings. It would seem, what is special about the stars?

We are so accustomed to seeing them that we stopped noticing their beauty and mystery, but once you look at them, forgetting about everyday worries, you immediately begin to notice the splendor hidden in them. What’s wrong with the sunset? We see him almost every day, but we rarely attach importance. Then why are thousands of people, especially lovers from all over the world, in such a hurry to watch it? Perfection is hidden in simplicity.

Life Lesson Seven: Delaying your happiness for the future is a bad idea. 

Don’t wait until you get richer, get an education, or find a soul mate before you are happy. Learn to enjoy what you have, your current relationship, housing, an old car, the opportunity to be free in choosing your future, your health, and the simplest things that happen in your life. If you don’t learn to do this now, you will continue to put off the opportunity to be happy in the future you hope for. Enjoy the moment now.

Life Lesson Eight: Give up hope of winning a million in the lottery. 

Be practical, this rarely happens, take your life into your own hands and manage it the way you want it. Want a million, start looking for more realistic ways to make that amount of money. Create your own business, get a high-paying position, become deputies or bosses. In life, you can achieve almost anything you want, and what you will strive for, making every possible effort for this. All in your hands!

Life Lesson Nine: Stop believing in fate, fate is just a way of justifying. 

We ourselves are the builders of our own happiness and the creators of our lives. And only we and only so. There is no fate, these are all excuses for their powerlessness in the face of unsuccessfully developing circumstances of life. Yes, there are difficult moments in life, before which you want to pass up, but every time, agreeing with our “fate”, we refuse the opportunity to make our life better than it is.

Life Lesson Ten: Surround yourself with people who share your interests. 

It must be remembered that we are not alone in this world, there are other people around us, very different. And among these people you can find “brothers in mind”, those who share interests with you, those who have achieved their goals in a field that interests you, those who strive to succeed in your chosen path. These people can help you achieve your goals, and you can help these people achieve their goals. Another important point is that only through other people do we know ourselves. Only another person can “show” us who we are, which will eventually become the starting point for our further development.

Life lesson eleven: Everyone, wherever he is, wants basically the same thing. 

We are all very similar to each other, despite the fact that we are so different each individually. We all need food and water, we all breathe the same air and walk under the same sun, but the similarity in needs does not end there. We all need love and care, support and understanding, we all strive for safety and comfort, we all strive for better living conditions. One has only to dig deeper, and we will find her more similarities between people who are completely different at first glance.

Twelfth Life Lesson: Synergy is the key to the success of all businesses. 

Only by combining our efforts can we reach unprecedented heights. As Aristotle said: “the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.” Thus, your post-merger benefits may well exceed the sum of the benefits of all participants prior to the event. Not many people decide to do this; fear and distrust of other people, as well as the lack of certain knowledge and skills necessary for effective joint action, can be an obstacle.