11 super easy last-minute Halloween costumes


Because we don’t always have time to create an elaborate disguise, last-minute Halloween costume ideas are here to save our lives.

And if we are able to find an easy to make, cheap and original disguise idea, it’s the jackpot! So I found you on the internet some of my favorites for your 2020 Halloween costume

1. Madame and Monsieur Patate 

Halloween costume 2019 madam and mister potato
@Simonjhmcc Instagram Account

2. Soap and bath sponge

Halloween costume 2019 madam and mister potato
@Onetripatatime Instagram account

3. Barbie and Ken

Barbie Ken Halloween Costume 2019
@ Ashleycasper17 / Instagram Account

4. The UP movie !

Halloween Costume 2019 UP Disney
@Eszifej Instagram account

5. Velma from  Scooby-Doo

Velma Halloween Costume 2019
@Pumadoescosplay Instagram Account

6. Cruella d’Enfer

Halloween Costume 2019 Cruella
@Keikolynn Instagram account

7. Couple of mummies

Mummies Halloween Costume 2019
@Shanimizrahi Instagram Account

8. Salsa dancer emoji

Salsa Dancer Halloween Costume 2019
Instagram account of @mygirlishwhims

If you don’t want to wear a big Halloween costume, opt for makeup instead . A more minimalist idea, but which still requires dexterity!

9. Galaxy makeup

halloween costume 2019 galaxy makeup
@Lynnacsecnarf Instagram Account

10. “Dripping Halloween” makeup

Halloween character makeup 2019
@Desiperkins Instagram Account

See the tutorial to reproduce this makeup 

11. Character à la Tim Burton

Halloween Makeup 2019 Tim Burton
@Abbyroberts Instagram Account