11 habits that accurately characterize your personality!


11 habits that accurately characterize your personality! Who would have thought that everything is so accurate! For everything about me No wonder they say that habit is second nature. Psychologists assure that, knowing the daily habits of a person, you can easily identify the deepest features of his personality.

11 habits that accurately characterize your personality! And the truth is, few of us think about what exactly he does when he habitually bites his nails or automatically sends messages by e-mail. Daily routines may seem pretty typical, but they are actually very eloquent testimonials to who you really are.

Here are 11 habits that accurately characterize your personality!

1. Handwriting

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Each person has their own unique handwriting . Our writing style is directly related to the subconscious. The next time you grab a pen or pencil, look at how you write. Handwriting features such as size, spacing, and roundness can tell a lot about your personality.

Do you write in such small letters that your grandparents constantly complain about it? You are probably a shy person. Are your words written very close to each other? Chances are, you enjoy surrounding yourself with people.

2. Driving style

The way you drive, and even how you hold the steering wheel, can tell a lot about your behavior.

Are you used to holding the steering wheel from above, maybe even from one side? You strive to impress people, which is why you enjoy being the coolest with your friends. If you keep the steering wheel in a traditional position and always comply with the traffic rules, then you are probably a real perfectionist.

3. Writing letters

The next time you check your daily correspondence, be sure to pay attention to the manner of writing your letters. Research has shown that frequent use of the words “I,” “Me,” or “Mine” indicates a certain amount of narcissism. But people who use strong adjectives such as “adorable” in their letters are very emotional personalities.

What’s more, organizing your mailbox can be the key to your inner personality. People who delete messages immediately after reading them love control and order. Those who prefer to store their emails (read emails but don’t delete them) are real perfectionists.

4. Eating

When eating, all people are divided into three categories: slow eater, fast eater, and fastidious eater. Here’s what it means:

  • slow eaters like to be in control. They really enjoy enjoying life in all its forms;
  • Fast eaters tend to be ambitious, goal-oriented, open to new experiences, and very impatient.
  • those who are constantly poking around in food (picky eaters) are prone to detail and are very disciplined.

5. P @ for in a dream

Since no person can control their posture in a dream, it can tell a lot about the subconscious.

If you enjoy sleeping on your back, then you are open and confident in life. If you sleep on your stomach, then you like to be in control and make your own decisions. But this tends to make you a pretty stubborn person.

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Fetal sleepers seek comfort, which means they can feel vulnerable in everyday life. Sleeping on your side indicates that you are a very adaptive and harmonious person.

6. Gait

The way you walk indicates how confident you feel. In one study, psychologists asked inmates to watch several videos of people walking. After watching the video, the criminals had to choose those people who (in their opinion) were “victimized”. The results of the study showed that almost all prisoners chose a person who was indeed a victim of a crime in the past. And they did it on the basis of … his unsteady gait!

7. Nervous tics

Do you curl your hair around your finger? Crackle your knuckles? Picking up skin wounds? These nervous tics often occur when we are bored or nervous. Therefore, it is not surprising that such repetitive actions say a lot about our personality.

A great example is recent research on the nail biting habit. Scientists have come to the conclusion that people who bite their nails are usually perfectionists. In addition, the habit of biting nails is referred to as “body-oriented repetitive actions,” which indicates the presence of neurosis.

8. Taste preferences

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It turns out that your love of salty chips or sweet chocolate bars can also tell you about your personality type!

People who like spicy food are more adventurous than those who like sweets. Those who love salty food love to win. In addition, they always seek immediate gratification in everything. Crispy foods are a favorite of the perfectionists. Those who love sourness, as a rule, prefer to live a measured life.

9. Communication skills

Not surprisingly, talking to you is the easiest way to understand who you are . Open gestures and frequent eye contact are known to help improve communication in any conversation. From this it can be concluded that people who use closed gestures, lower their eyes, or sway when speaking are likely introverts.

10. Behavior in the shower

What we do in our hearts is done from the heart! Standing under the warm streams of water, you can plan your day, dream, sing, admire yourself or meditate … Preferred behavior in the shower indicates your true needs.

Do you like a contrast shower? Then you are a fun and talented person. Do you like brushing your teeth in the shower to kill two birds with one stone? This suggests that you value your and others’ time, but sometimes you are a little impatient.

11. Toilet paper

11 habits that accurately characterize your personality

It turns out that the way you hang your toilet roll in the bathroom can reveal something interesting about your personality.

A study of more than 2,000 men and women found that people who hold toilet paper with the tear-off end toward them tend to have leadership qualities. Those who hang the roll of paper against the wall tend to be more agreeable.

These were 11 habits that accurately characterize your personality! What habits can tell you more about your personality?