10 drinks that are as bad for you as soda Stop drinking it!


Stop drinking so much sugar! You are destroying your body without even realizing it. Who would have thought that there is so much harm from these drinks! But now you will know what it is better to refuse.

We all know that water is the number one drink that quenches your thirst. But when you want something different, then you can order juice, yogurt, margarita, or iced tea. The problem is that these foods can be deceptively high in sugar and calories, and in some cases, soda is better than one of these drinks.

Sugary drinks make up nearly half of all sugar in the average American’s diet, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest. The same applies to us, for the last couple of decades we have become very addicted to all these sugar-containing drinks, and many already do not know how to live without them. This is why choosing these drinks wisely can be of great benefit to your waist and your health.

10 drinks that are just as bad for you as soda


A sip of this drink is almost essential on a cold winter day, but keep in mind that if you buy it at the nearest café, it is more of a dessert than an afternoon snack, nutritionists say. A typical mug of cocoa with whipped cream contains 400 calories and over 4 grams of sugar – more than a can of cola. So before indulging yourself with such a drink, consider an alternative.

Prepare the drink yourself: when you need to warm up in the winter or just have a glass of this drink, we recommend preparing it yourself. You will need cocoa powder and sugar (preferably brown). When you cook yourself, you can choose the ingredients and also adjust the sweetness.

Start by adding one teaspoon of sugar, and increase it slightly if desired. Keep in mind that one teaspoon contains 4 grams of sugar.

Adding spices such as a dash of cinnamon or cayenne pepper will add even more flavor, allowing you to use less sugar.

Energy drinks

Although they usually don’t contain tons of calories, one serving can give you over 25 grams of sugar. And no, they are not harmful to health just because they are fortified with vitamin B. Better to completely abandon this, so as not to destroy your body.

Drinking just one energy drink raises blood pressure and levels of norepinephrine (a stress hormone) in healthy people more than a placebo drink. It can be bad for your heart. If you need more caffeine, try a cup of coffee instead.

Fruit juices

Many people still believe that juices sold in stores are healthy. They drink juices from bags and bottles themselves and give them to their children, but there is nothing natural in these drinks. Marketers do their job so well that the common man really believes that such juices are made from natural fruits.

Of course, there are juices that contain some natural fruit, but they do not contain the fiber found in fresh fruit. And besides that, they have a lot of sugar. For example, a cup of grape or apple juice contains over 30 grams of sugar.

What to replace: Doctors rarely recommend drinking juice, even if it is 100% fruit. You will feel much fuller and more beneficial if you eat fruits that contain fiber rather than drinking a couple of glasses of juice.

Sweetened tea in a bottle

This is one of 10 drinks that are unhealthy. Tea is undoubtedly a good choice; It is full of antioxidants, but sweet tea negates the health benefits. One popular brand contains over 30 grams of added sugar per bottle, plus flavors and preservatives. It looks more like poison than natural tea.

Make your own drink: Unsweetened tea is your best bet, whether you buy it in bottles or drink it in cafes, as it does not contain refined sugar. You can make tea at home by brewing it in a teapot and enjoy the deep aroma and taste. Add a little lemon, mint or honey to taste, and if you like to drink tea with milk, then do not deny yourself this pleasure.

Yoghurt drinks

Probiotics are the buzzword these days because research shows that beneficial bacteria help maintain gut health . So you may be trying to improve your diet and health. But you have to understand that not all yoghurt drinks are created equal. Be careful when choosing them.

Prefer probiotic yoghurt or kefir. They can be a better option than flavored versions with added sugar. A small bottle of this drink can contain over 25 grams of sugar in several forms: regular sugar, fructose, fruit puree, or juice.

Chocolate milk

Many people love this drink, because it is so tasty. But is there any benefit from it? We think you yourself understand that no.

Such milk is a real sugar bomb. A glass of chocolate milk can contain as much sugar as a handful of cookies or a bar of chocolate.


You are probably drinking it as part of an alcoholic beverage and not on its own. But if you’re doing this because you think gin and tonic is healthier than rum and cola, then you’re wrong. There are about 8 teaspoons of sugar in one serving of gin and tonic, which is a lot! Compare that to cola, which isn’t that far from tonic, with just 3 teaspoons more sugar. Oops.

Alternative:   When ordering a drink, ask for seltzer water. Why? It has no sugar or calories.

Unusual coffee drinks

Most people are amazed when they look at the calories and sugar in their lattes and frappuccinos. Case in point: Starbucks’ grand white chocolate mocha frappuccino contains 67 grams of sugar. Of course, some of them are from milk, but most of them are from sugars. Vanilla latte is better, but it still contains 35 grams of sugar.

It is better to eliminate such drinks. Drink coffee with milk, adding sugar yourself to taste. If you want something more beautiful and original, then make a rare exception for yourself, but it should be the exception, not the rule.

Sports drinks

Drink a bottle of regular sports drink and you’ll consume over 50 grams of sugar. Not surprising, given that sugar is listed as the second ingredient after water on the label. If you’re training for a marathon, this makes sense; sugar contains carbohydrates that help conserve energy during hard workouts. Lying in front of the TV all day or sitting at work? You don’t need extra sugar and calories.


Step into any upscale gym and you’ll see a cocktail bar. It’s safe to assume that all the drinks in it are healthy, right? But it was not there. Despite the fact that they are made from fruits, there is one but. Fruits are healthy, but when they are plentiful, they store calories and sugar, leading to spikes and falls in blood sugar. All juices and fruit purees contain about 50 grams of sugar per bottle, so think carefully about what you will drink today.

Alternative:  Sure, a smoothie can pack a lot of nutrients into one drink, but instead of buying it from the store, make it at home. This way you can control the ingredients.

Important: All information provided on the Quiettrend website is for information only and does not replace advice, diagnosis or professional medical attention. If you have any health problems, contact your specialist immediately.

Now you know that there are 10 drinks that are unhealthy, almost like soda. Be careful when choosing what you drink.